Get to Know Me!

“You cannot understand good design if you don’t understand people.”
- Dieter Rams

When I was 7, one of the elderly teachers at my school was set to be fired. He was an incredible person, but was slowing down with age and the school thought the solution was letting him go. I thought this was unjust and unfair so I decided to solve the problem by designing a petition with pencil, paper, and crayon, and took it around my school to gather signatures.

This is who I am as a designer, and as a person.

🎓 My undergraduate degree from the University of Texas is in sociology, where I learned about human relationships, institutions, and our society. I understand people and how culture plays into how we interact with the world and the products that I design.

👩‍💻 After graduation, I worked in digital marketing. This introduced me to graphic design, marketing research, and how making a product the best it can be by listening to its users makes it successful.

🙏 I then came to UX/UI design after my mom passed away. She really showed me that “life is too short” is more than just a saying and that following your passions is important. Speaking of that, I want to teach design as well someday.

👩‍🎨 I am a natural problem solver, have always loved tech, and am a creative person. I write, play the piano, sing, paint, and am a photographer. With my background in sociology and marketing, I know I already have a lot of relevant skills to offer as well.

✏️ I’m a graduate of Springboard’s UX/UI program, which I completed while taking on freelance clients. A featured project is a visitor management application for Any Lab Test Now San Antonio.

🙌 I’m now working at PowerSchool designing software that impacts teachers, students, parents, and administrators.